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aka James H.G. Redekop

(tzoq@publix.empath.on.ca OR tzoq@csd.uwo.ca)

For those who are wondering (and most do), "Tzoq" the name of a character originally developed for an email-based session of the Albedo Role Playing Game. The game is based on the "Erma Felna of the EDF" comic books, written and illustrated by Steve Gallacci. They are a science-fiction story based on an interstellar society of anthropomorphic animals.

My character in the game was an anthropomorphic black panther called "Tzoq". For the fun of it, I managed to get an email account with that name while I was playing the game. The game didn't last (email isn't a good medium for RPGs), but the character did, becoming my character on FurryMUCK, a Multi-User Dungeon which also has an anthropomorphic theme.

Since then, most of the people I've met on the net have met me under the name or email address "Tzoq", so it's stuck. I even finally have a real account called "tzoq", as opposed to just a mail alias.

For those of you who want to know what I really look like, I've got a couple of photos taken with the department's SGI Indies. Here's one:

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