'He's just this fox, y'know?'

Shadow in VR

Shadow is a slim, graceful silver fox. His shadowy black fur is tinted with soft silver, and his golden eyes contain a burning mix of both passion and loyalty. He is slim, though not thin. He moves with a quiet deftness and grace, and his long, thick tail is constantly moving in an expression of his moods and feelings. Long, tarnished silver hair flows around his ears and down to the middle of his back. Occasionally he reaches up to brush a silver lock out of his eyes. Seeing you looking at him, his ears swivel to lock on you, and he gives you a half-smile. A loose, buttonless shirt of black silk rests over his shoulders, reaching down past his waist. Long cuffs drape from his wrists, and the shirt is fastened by a belt tied around his waist, leaving the top open, exposing the creamy white fur of his chest in which rests an upright pentagram hanging from a heavy silver chain, a dragon floating in the center. Black, heavy silk pants match the shirt, wide cuffs matching the sleeves just above his bare paws. A hole allows his tail to emerge from the back of the pants. The whole outfit accentuates the grace and relaxation of his body.

Well, more than a fox.. Shadow is also a dragon, equine, ferret, wai kittsu (fox'taur), dolphin, otter, and occasionally other things. But usually, he is just a fox. A wanderer, Shadow has traveled the stars for many years, learning and exploring. Finally, he found his way to Furry , where he descided to settle down for a while. With many abilities at his command, he rarely makes use of them without true need. He lives for those he loves.

Shadow in RL

In RL, Shadow is Michael Johnson, but if you call him by that name he probably won't realise you're talking to him. Normally he answers to Shadow or Fox. A thoroughly addicted Mucker, he also spends his time working on his computer system, and as a would be writer. Currently, he is looking for work in the Houston area where he is staying with two other furries, Tabyathe and Sandokan.

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