Welcome to my Sanctum

....may you find what you seek.

You may know me by many names...
On FurryMuck I am known as Anasses Duses,
On Tigerden I am Lilith.
Other names come and go, I'll answer to anything polite...*grin*

This is my Furry Homepage!

Keep reading on this page to find out about the furry me!

Anasses Duses

Anasses Duses is a unicorn. The style of unicorn is more traditional/medieval, being deer-like rather than horse-like. I look most human-sized characters in the eye, which makes me kinda short for equine/cervine types. My one outstanding feature is my tail, which is prehensile, and a comical 12' in length. I can be found on FurryMUCK, though not currently on other MU*'s, due mainly to time constraints. I have been on FurryMUCK for almost 4 years.

Pictures of Anasses

How Anasses Came to Be

Well, I have loved unicorns for as long as I can remember. I remember seeing the movie 'The Last Unicorn' in the theater when I was very young. It left a mark on me forever. Since that day I have loved unicorns, and collected unicorn-related stuff. My interests have narrowed somewhat since then. I now research unicorn myths and legends. I still am known to occassionally buy a book just because it has a unicorn on the cover or in the title....

When I was introduced to FurryMUCK, I was thrilled. I've been there ever since, being what I always wanted to be: a unicorn.

Other Stuff

Well, I won't call myself a furry artist, but I do occasionally pick up a random drawing instrument and do my renditions of my friends...Go ahead and look at my work, if you want. I don't do commissions, though.

My Artwork

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