The Assorted Writings of T. DeMatio

Um, that would be me...

Welcome To My Mind......enter at your own risk. The majority of writings contained here were written over the past decade or so, and tend to be either cynical and brooding or silly and strange. Some of them do contain explicit language, indicated by an asterisk(*).

While we're on the subject of strong language...I firmly believe that censorship is something that should be enforced only on a personal basis between parents and their children, not hypocrites who wish to edit society into what doesn't offend them. Life is violent, it is explicit, and with a good education, a basic set of values and a decent sense of humor, we can navigate through and even learn from the things that we may not understand or agree with. So there. :)

Without further ado, here is a listing of poems and songs, broken into categories for your convenience. If something doesn't come up when you click on it, I probably haven't gottten around to entering it yet. But I will..

Whew! That about does it for writings at moment. Stay tuned for future self-indulgent ramblings. :)
All material contained here is the property of Tony DeMatio, and should not be reprinted without the expressed prior consent of myself and Major League Baseball. Well, at least me.