The Sound and the Furry...

First off, you should know what furry is. If you don't know what furry is, then I'll assume you're curious, since you DID click on the icon just now. There are two ways to get a quick, basic idea of what furry is. One is to go back to the last page and click on Poetry, and then 'Furry'. But if you're really lazy like me, I could try and explain it..

Furries are people who have a specific interest in one or more of the following: anthropomorphic animals (Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo), anthropomorphic roleplay (which often takes place on mucks, where players assume the identity of an animal and interact with each other in an IRC-like format), anthropomorphic comics and art, animal spirituality and totemism, and furry costumes (like mascots). Sure, this is a very basic definition, because furries, like any other ethnic or cultural group, are diverse individuals. Mostly. :)

I discovered furrydom in late 1994, and through it, developed a better understanding of myself and discovered that long distance friendships ARE possible, if difficult. In April of 1995, I appeared on was TigerMUCK, using my personal furry, Croc O'Dile, a description of which is submitted for your approval. Eventually I developed alternate personas and visited other mucks, like FurToonia and the infamous FurryMUCK.

It should be noted that for many people, furry is a way of life, not just a fun hobby. Although I've simplified it a lot, it is a very complicated system of people, emotions, and interests. If you'd like to know more about it, or are curious if you may be a furry yourself, visit one of the mucks as a guest and talk with some. Be patient, though...some furries are pretty busy and won't be much conversation, whereas others can be very friendly and helpful.

As previously mentioned, one common interest of furries are furry costumes. Some, like me, are mascot fans, and some even go so far as to make their own costumes. What for? If you don't know, go observe a mascot sometime or better yet, try it. :) To quote an old Ministry song, 'Everyday is Halloween' when you have your own fursuit! (Well, except for the excessive amounts of candy part...) Once I get around to scanning them in and all, you'll be able to view some of the costumes my friends and I have made here.

Anyway, that's a real basic idea of what furry is, and how I'm involved with it. Hope you found it enlightening. :)